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Exciting News About My Next Novel

In today’s publishing world things change quickly. Some of the changes are good. Some worry me. And some of it is super exciting. The ability to pre-order books on Amazon used to be reserved for traditionally published books. That’s no … Continue reading

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I think my novel Marionette is on sale

Since I published my first book last July I’ve learned many things. Most importantly I’ve learned that I really don’t understand Amazon. This doesn’t mean I don’t like Amazon. I do. I really do. Not only do I purchase books … Continue reading

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Finally! A Woman Lost is available in paperback

I can over-complicate the simplest of tasks. Seriously. And I’m not good with technology. Here’s an example: I thought I needed a new DVD player when mine stopped playing DVDs. Seems like a logical assumption. A friend of mine happened … Continue reading

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The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned So Far About Self-Publishing

It’s been weeks since I’ve given on update on my novel, A Woman Lost. I published it over sixty days ago and I have learned a lot. So far the journey has been a roller coaster. Some days it sells … Continue reading

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Review: Black-Hearted Bitch by Lynn Kear

Today I’m reviewing Black-Hearted Bitch, the first book in the Kell Digby Crime series. Here’s the Goodreads synopsis: Hit man Kell Digby has been killing for so long she’s become bored. Sent from Chicago to Atlanta for a routine hit, … Continue reading

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Review: Dancing in Heaven by Christine M. Grote

Now that I’m officially moved and the majority of the boxes are unpacked it’s time I get back to business. Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. Today’s gem is Dancing in Heaven. Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads: Dancing in Heaven is … Continue reading

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Weekly Round-Up

I want to say thank you to three bloggers who were kind enough to read my novel and to write reviews on their blogs, Amazon, and Goodreads. When I decided to self-publish my biggest fear was people wouldn’t be able … Continue reading

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Review: The Knife with the Ivory Handle

When I found out Cynthia Bruchman, one of my blogging friends, had written a book I went onto Amazon and Goodreads and checked it out. After reading the synopsis I decided to give it a go. Here’s the synopsis: It … Continue reading

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Why I Self-Published

When I first mentioned that I was thinking of self-publishing my first novel on my blog, 50 Year Project, I received a lot of advice and opinions. Some were gung-ho about self-publishing and some were adamantly opposed. One person said … Continue reading

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