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Girl Love Happens

GirlLoveHappensOne snowy February night, an innocent backrub opens the gates for girl-on-girl experimentation in this coming-of-age tale of erotica. College roommates Tegan and Gemma’s close friendship transitions to much more when girl love blossoms, and the exploration of sexual identity begins.

Tegan’s first time with Gemma further awakens her attraction to women. While Gemma has accepted her own lesbianism, she has yet to reveal her sexual orientation to her parents. Tegan’s convenient plan to help break the news involves telling them she is Gemma’s girlfriend.

The first episodes of Girl Love Happens introduces a colorful cast of friends studying at an early 1990’s small-town Colorado campus. Attending weekly gin and tonic parties have earned the duo the nickname G&T, but mean girl April starts to sow the seeds of discord.

Once Gemma makes her lesbian proclamation in this romantic comedy, Tegan’s anxiety sets in because she knows coming out to her parents will be a harsh uphill battle, especially given her mother’s overly critical attitude. Can she and Gemma stay together if Tegan stays in the closet? Busybody friends are bound to put their romance to the test.

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8 Responses to Coming Soon

  1. Sun says:

    congratulations, TB! i do hope your books will be available in soft/hard cover in the near future. 🙂

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  4. Nikki says:

    i AM ADDICTED TO YOUR BOOKS!?!?!?! I haven’t read anyone else since I found your books until I read the last book for T & G. I read T & G series in a week and I can’t believe the way you left us!!!!! I am dying for the next part now!!!!! Is it coming soon? Please tell me it is because I need to know what happens next for our girls. Not to mention I loved the chosen one and would love another book for that couple. I NEED MORE OF YOUR WRITING ASAP!!! PLEASE

    • TBM says:

      Thanks so much for the nice comment. I’ve started writing the next Girl Love Happens, however, I don’t have a release date in mind yet. I’ll keep you informed. And ideas for the next book in The Chosen One series are formulating in my mind. I hope to start writing that later this year. I’ll do my best to get the next crop of books out for you 😉

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