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T. B. Markinson is an American writer, living in England. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in England, or taking the dog for a walk. Not necessarily in that order. She has published:  A Woman Lost, A Woman IgnoredMarionette, Confessions From A Coffee Shop, and Claudia Must Die


TB MarkinsonElizabeth “Lizzie” Petrie has it all. She’s rich, beautiful, intelligent, and successful. None of this matters to her mom. Les-Bi-An. That’s all her mom sees.

Despite’s Lizzie’s insistence that her mom’s antagonism does not bother her, Lizzie distances herself from her mom and the entire family. When her brother, Peter, calls her out of the blue to announce he’s getting married, Lizzie’s entire life changes drastically. Peter’s fiancée wants to bring the lesbian outcast back into the family. Will this desire cause Lizzie to lose everything dear to her?

Sarah, Lizzie’s girlfriend, is ecstatic about this change in Lizzie’s personal life. Sarah, the hopeless romantic, wants it all, including settling down with the fiercely independent Lizzie.

Can Lizzie be tamed? And can she survive her family and all of their secrets?

Praise for A WOMAN LOST:

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance as this was one of the best lesbian contemporary books I’ve read.” Lipstick Lesbian Reviews

“This is really a story I truly loved … She has a fan for life!” Mismatched Bookends

“It’s a fast-paced read with a topic that is current yet timeless.” Boca Frau Blog

“Enjoyable and engaging story full of great characters. Loved it a lot! Definitely a page turner.” Tranquil Dreams Blog

“And long after I read the last page, Lizzie, Sarah, Lizzie’s mom “the scotch lady”, and Maddie, the fiancé, lingered on my mind and in my heart…. I truly loved this book!” Hilary Grossman, author of Dangled Carat

“T.B. Markinson clearly captured a strong main character that has flaws, and a pompous family that freely slings judgments at Lizzie every chance they can. A Woman Lost is a fulfilling and lovely read.” Sage Adderley, author of Invoking Nonna

“The story kept me turning the pages until the end. Great read!” Katie McKnight, author of Secrets Revealed

“This is a powerful and inspiring story about relationships and trust and not being afraid to face your fears … She drew me into the story and keeping me there until the very last page.” T. F. Walsh, author of Cloaked in Fur

Amazon US           Amazon UK


AWomanIgnoredFinalHistorian Lizzie Petrie remains nothing more than a lesbian in her bitter mother’s eyes. The suppressed hurt of that superficial assessment means she still catches herself off guard when thinking of Sarah as her wife. The couple has endured the fallout of Lizzie’s insecurities and set-up house in Fort Collins, Colorado. Now their relationship is about to be tested again.

When her wife announces she wants to have a baby, Lizzie panics. A baby? The thought of sucking an egg from her ovary and implanting the resulting embryo into Sarah’s womb terrifies her. Lizzie constantly worries if she’ll make a good mother.

Just when she starts to make peace with the idea, Lizzie’s estranged family enters her life again. The news is anything but good, and she finds herself wondering how to make amends with her aloof mother, stranger of a father, and self-centered brother.

Deep down, Lizzie is more loving and caring than she ever gives herself credit. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to open a woman’s eyes to her full potential. But at what price?


“This was a wonderful story, the relationship between the characters seem very real and brutally honest.” Melissa Vincent

“Their conflicts were emotionally powerful, yet there was some humor to take the edge off serious matters.” Medeia Sharif

“TB has a way of mixing humor, sadness, love and friendship into a wonderful and captivating story.” Cheryll Jones

Amazon (US)       Amazon (UK)


Marionette (7)At the age of seventeen, Paige Alexander had it all planned. She wrote a letter, sat in the bath, and slit her wrists. Her plan failed.

Her best friend, Alex, is dead.

Paige can’t get over her twin sister blaming her for a tragic event in their past.

Colorado is in the midst of voting on lesbian and gay rights and Paige is terrified to come out of the closet, fearful for her life.

Many people in Paige’s life are keeping secrets from her. Will she piece everything together before it’s too late?

In this gripping first-person narrative, a young college student grapples with more than first loves or coming of age.  In a world filled with homophobia, suicidal feelings, and a dysfunctional family, Paige cuts her wrists in an attempt to free herself from the crazy life that’s all she’s ever known.

Could there be new lessons in store for Paige?  With the help of her girlfriend, friends, and a compassionate therapist, can Paige find the safe space she needs to heal, grow, and cut her strings?

Praise for MARIONETTE:

“I highly recommend this book not only to young adult readers but to mature readers as well since many difficult topics are addressed.” — Lipstick Lesbian Reviews

“The ending was definitely shocking and unexpected.” — This Girl Reads A Lot Blog

“Marionette is something I will definitely be keeping on my Kindle and reading again.” — Angie

“The book has mystery, action, suspense, and sadness woven together to make it a good, fast paced novel. An interesting book with a lot of emotions and drama woven together.” — Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

“I read Marionette in one sitting. Then I went back to read it again for this review and was just as delighted the second time.” — Reviewed by Jo Bryant for Blog Critics

“You know how sometimes a book just slowly creeps up on you and before you know it, you are right there, in the moment and the rest of the world has disappeared? Marionette by T. B. Markinson did that to me!” — Tome Tender Blogspot

“I thought I knew where it might end, but I was surprised where the tale took me. It’s not often a book can surprise me anymore.” — Christine Rains, author of Fearless

“The novel is full of dark humor and realistic, smart dialogue. This is an intelligent first-person novel that includes both suspense and romance.” — Lynn Kear, author of Black-Hearted Bitch

“MARIONETTE is a satisfying, thrilling read that delivers from the outset and packs a powerful wallop at the end.” — Matthew Peters, author of Conversations Among Ruins

Amazon US       Amazon UK


ConfessionsFromACoffeeShop (1)Cori Tisdale was on top of the world. A basketball star at Harvard and a promising author with a lucrative book deal.

A few years later, Cori’s life is falling apart. Her beautiful girlfriend, Kat Finn, has a shopping addiction. To make ends meet, Cori takes a part-time job at a coffee shop.

Just when Cori thinks her life can’t get any worse, an old crush appears out of the blue. Cori’s friendship with Samantha Clarke pushes Cori further into a dangerous abyss when Sam reveals two secrets to Cori and asks her not to tell a soul, including Kat.

Will this be the end of Cori’s and Kat’s relationship?


“I could not put it down because the characters were so wonderfully diverse, and I really found myself becoming attached to them and wanting to find out the paths their lives would take.” —Cindy Taylor

“I flew through this and couldn’t help but smile the entire time I read this novel.” — The Oddness of Moving Things Blog

“The author weaves a tale that captures you and prevents you from putting the book down.” –Hilary Grossman, author of Dangled Carat

“Highly recommended.” — Maadwoa 

“Gotta love an author that keeps you coming back for more.” — Tome Tender Blogspot

“A good, entertaining read. Just like a good cappuccino – hot, tasty, some froth and topped with sweet moments.” — Rainbowbee

Amazon (US)      Amazon (UK)


ClaudiaMustDie (2)Claudia doesn’t feel like herself anymore—she feels like prey. Her husband’s hired goons have stalked her all the way to Boston and will only stop their pursuit once she is dead.

Divorce is not an option. Instead, she has stolen a bunch of her man’s money to disappear into another life.

In order for Claudia to live, someone else must die. A lookalike college student becomes the target capable of freeing her from an awful marriage.

The plan goes horribly awry. Instead of murdering Claudia’s double, the assassins shoot the woman’s lover who is the cousin of a powerful Irish mobster. Claudia becomes hunted by all involved. Can she survive? Should she?


“The novel is action-packed and suspenseful, with some humorous scenes.” — Medeia Sharif Blog

“What follows is a hair raising, seemingly never ending chase which is like a revolving crime circle where everyone is after each other but where some of the players end up becoming unlikely partners in order to survive.” — Cindy Taylor

“T.B. Markinson delivers again with her fourth novel, Claudia Must Die, in a fast-paced comedic story of kill or be killed.” — Rachel Author Barnard Blog

“For me, this book is a real winner. The characters, plot twists, and deliciously dark humor make it a most enjoyable… and quick… read.” — I Think, Therefore I Yam Blog

“This unique thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat.” — Christine Rains, author of Fearless.

Amazon (US)        Amazon (UK)


TheMiracleGirl (1)Newspaper publisher and world traveler JJ Cavendish continually feels pressured to live up to her Miracle Girl nickname. Not many people know she’s living a carefully crafted lie. She may not hide ties to the LGBT community, but she does hide past struggles with addiction.

When the Colorado native is handpicked to take the helm at a dying Denver newspaper, she ends up reconnecting with her long lost love in this contemporary lesbian romance. Only there’s a catch. If JJ fires the most belligerent editor at the paper, she risks losing the love of her life.

Mid-afternoon office romps abound in this romantic comedy while also focusing on what it takes for a newspaper to remain relevant in this age of social media.

Must JJ lose everything in order to gain a life more fully her own?

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK

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27 Responses to My Novels

  1. You know from above that I loved it :).

  2. bocafrau says:

    After reading all these blurbs I cannot wait to read the novel for myself. I’ve been reading a lot of books by fellow bloggers lately and I’m continually blown away by the amazing talent out there.

    • TBM says:

      Do you have any book suggestions for me? I’m always looking for new authors to explore. And thanks for your support.

      • bocafrau says:

        The most recent books by bloggers I’ve finished are “Life After Yes” by Aidon Donnelly Rowley and “Rules of Inheritance” by Claire Bidwell Smith. Awesome books, both of them. 🙂

  3. Vishy says:

    I thought that your book was coming out soon, but I didn’t know that it already has been released. Congratulations, TBM! Wish you all the very best! Can’t wait to read your book! Hoping to see the paperback edition of it soon.

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  6. The Hook says:

    It is a pleasure to know you, my friend.
    Good work!

  7. I’m really looking forward to reading A woman lost. Thank you so much for sending it. Incidentally I take it you would like a review on Amazon/GR/both for Marionette? Happy to do that, but it won’t be for a week or two, as I am just too too chocka. Let me know. Same will apply for AWL. It will be in a different style to my blog reviews as obviously they are more personal for a mostly regular readership.

    Wishing you much success.

    • TBM says:

      Thanks! No rush on the reviews. I totally understand and I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review the books. It’s a great help!

      • I don’t know whether it is a help or not, but I do hope it is 🙂

        I’m still ploughing through another one. This could take me a long time 😦

        Marionette was a good and interesting read. I haven’t touched this other one for ages, so I feel duty-bound to finish it first.

        Then I can get to AWL 🙂 Looks a bit like AWOL doesn’t it? 😀

      • TBM says:

        No rush, seriously. And it does look a bit like AWOL. Kinda fitting for the story. Good luck with the book you’re reading now.

  8. Geoff W says:

    Guess I could’ve emailed you, but wanted to let you know that I’ve started to see people visiting my site from searching for “TB Markinson A Woman Lost. Your reach is definitely extending! Good luck with the next one (looks great)!

    • Geoff W says:

      If you really want to add a closed parenthesis after the “.” in that first sentence I’d be okay with that… 😀

      • TBM says:

        How sweet of you to let me know. And I didn’t notice the missing ” until I read your second comment. I’m so glad I have an editor and proofreader. Saves me a lot of stress. So easy to miss little things like that.

        And if you want a copy of the next one, let me know. I’m pretty sure I can make it happen 🙂

      • Geoff W says:

        I’ll definitely read it! I keep thinking about your second one, so clearly it was even better than I originally thought. That character just got to me (which isn’t a bad thing) 😀

      • TBM says:

        I recently saw a movie that I didn’t enjoy (can’t remember the name) but I keep thinking about it. Still didn’t like it, but it hasn’t left me either so I totally understand. Will send you a copy soon.

  9. This is my review on to A Woman Lost:

    In this book is a character named Lizzie who has a girlfriend named Sarah. Lizzie is indeed lost. She doesn’t know what she wants out of life, out of her relationship with Sarah and from her crazy family. Very shortly after the book started I became captivated by Lizzie and all of the other main characters. These include Sarah, Maddie (her brother’s fiancée), her immediate family and a male friend, Ethan, with whom she often has coffee (ok, chai) and discusses the confusing nature of life and relationships.

    For the last 11 years, I’ve kept track of the books I’ve read. I rate them from one to five stars, the same as here. For only the fourth time, I’ve ignored my rating system. Twice I’ve rated a book zero stars and twice I’ve given one six stars. This was the second six star book. I was captivated by the story and the characters in it. I read it almost non-stop. I didn’t want it to end. I want to find out what happens next to the characters. I find myself thinking again and again about those characters and what has happened to them.

    I intend to go right to T.B. Markinson’s web site and see if she’s written anything else. The book was that good. Bravo T.B.!!!

  10. I’d be happy to help you promote the release of A Clueless Woman if possible. I’m not a marketing person though so do you know how I could help? I don’t need a copy of A Woman Lost. I have it. It was the first of your books I got and read and loved. As a matter of fact, I’ve just finished your sixth book, Marionette. It was great. I like how you make characters be endearing. You end up caring for the people in the book.

    So now I think I’ve read all of your published books. Is that right? Could you send me a list of them in the order published? Marionette was the last I found but I think I read in it that it was the second one you published. Or am I daft? Hahaha

    Hope all is well. Good luck either way with A Clueless Woman. I am looking forward to it.


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