#IWSG, New Covers, and Giveaway

Today is the first Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is the brilliant idea of Alex J. Cavanaugh. The purpose of the group is to share doubts and insecurities and to encourage one another. Please visit the other participants and share your support. This month’s co-hosts today are  Nancy Gideon, Bob R Milne, Doreen McGettigan, Chrys Fey, Bish Denham, and Pat Garcia.

Seriously, I can’t believe that it’s August. I think I say this each month.

One of my goals this year was to work on my organizational skills. I remember sitting down and writing a list of all the tasks I hate doing but they really need doing. On the list was updating all my book links, my blog, keeping better records, ect. I spent hours working on this list. Has anyone seen it?

I had good intentions, but so far my organizational skills still need serious work. I have crossed some items off the missing list, which included having new covers made for some of my books.

ClaudiaMustDie (2)

ConfessionsFromACoffeeShop (1) Marionette (7)

The files for Claudia Must Die have been updated, but I still need to have Marionette and Confessions From A Coffee Shop re-formatted, which means two more items for my ever-growing list.

I did set aside two days this week to do some of the tedious tasks that I could remember from my list. And I accomplished some of them. I hoped for more, but hey, I made progress.

The rest of this week I’ll be focusing on rewrites on a novel which needs to go back to the editor next week for the second round.

And if anyone stumbles upon my list can you send it my way. Feel free to do some of the tasks if you really want to. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

TBMs giveaway 2

Before you go, don’t forget to enter this month’s e-book giveaway. The awesome books are:


August covers

More details can be found here. And here’s the Rafflecopter link.

About TBM

TB Markinson is an American who's recently returned to the US after a seven-year stint in the UK and Ireland. When she isn't writing, she's traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in New England, or reading. Not necessarily in that order. Her novels have hit Amazon bestseller lists for lesbian fiction and lesbian romance. She cohosts the Lesbians Who Write Podcast (lesbianswhowrite.com) with Clare Lydon. TB also runs I Heart Lesfic (iheartlesfic.com), a place for authors and fans of lesfic to come together to celebrate lesbian fiction.
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50 Responses to #IWSG, New Covers, and Giveaway

  1. 2unpublishedgirls says:

    Love the new covers!

  2. I used to be very organized too. I don’t know what happened. I think there’s just too much on my plate…. Love your new book cover for Claudia…

  3. This post made me giggle :). You lost your to-do list? Are you sure you didn’t do that on purpose? Bahaha! Anyway, I figure as long as you’re able to cross some things off your list, that’s great. I highly doubt there are many people who ever completely finish their list because as soon as you get close there are more items to add to the list. It’s a neverending battle, so just focus on the fact that you are getting some things done. By the way, I never saw the new cover for Claudia. It’s awesome, as are the others. Ok, I’ll be over in a while to help you with your organizing :).

  4. Gorgeous covers! I’m trying my very best to get organized this week. It’s Wednesday and I’m, maybe, partway there. The fact I need to mow the lawn is throwing me off today, though!

    • TBM says:

      I really don’t miss mowing the lawn. Apartment living has some downsides, but no yard work is a major plus. I do miss grilling, though.

  5. You don’t want me doing anything on your list. I’ll only make it worse!

  6. Pat Hatt says:

    The cat is as organized as can be. Stay ahead of the eight ball and all is fine at our sea

  7. Wow the new covers look wonderful! I especially love the Claudia cover. Perfect!
    I will look for your missing list and if you happen to find mine please send it back over this way.

  8. chrysfey says:

    The cover for Claudia Must Die is FANTASTIC! It fits the story completely! I’ll add looking for your list to my ever-growing to-do list. 😛

    Thank you for signing up for my newsletter! 🙂

    IWSG co-host Write with Fey

  9. cleemckenzie says:

    I have your list. I’ll return it when I’ve checked off the last item. I hate making lists, so I’ve appreciated yours. Keep up the great work, TBM!

  10. Those covers are amazing! Rejoice in what you’ve completed, eh? You’re doing better than you think.

  11. kaistrandauthor says:

    Maybe you need to break your tasks into smaller pieces. Instead of “work on WIP” put “Write one chapter” or instead of “Do laundry” put “Get laundry to laundry room” “Fill and start washer” “Switch laundry to dryer” etc. That way you have all sorts of accomplishments to celebrate.

  12. I’m a list-maker.
    If I lost my list… well… it wouldn’t be pretty. LOL

    IWSG #119 until Alex culls the list again.

  13. colonialist says:

    Great covers, and I’m sure you will ensure the contents match.

  14. patgarcia says:

    I love the way you wrote your article. It is quite humorous and it reminded me of me and my list of to do things. The list grows even though I attack it with fervour, (sometimes).
    Sending you positive thoughts for a great rewrite.

  15. cheriereich says:

    Beautiful new covers! I find things always take longer than I’ve planned, even with a list, but it’s still good to have a plan. It’s fun to cross something off the list too.

    • TBM says:

      OMG…why does everything take so much longer than we think or want. It’s a conspiracy. All of our to-lists are doing some kind of evil magic to thwart any progress.

  16. Bish Denham says:

    Writers, we do seem to have an affinity for making lists. Now, if I could only find mine! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  17. lexacain says:

    I LOVE your new covers! Especially the design of the Claudia one. Awesome!! We all make lists, but the things on them won’t cooperate – everything takes 3 times longer to do than you expect. *sigh* Don’t forget to change signatures and headers on other sites, like FB, to display your new wonderful covers. 🙂

    • TBM says:

      Hey! Are you adding things to my to-do list? Just kidding off course. Yep, I need to make all the changes once all the covers have been officially changed.

  18. The Guat says:

    Ahhhhhhhh The List! The List! I have heard of such a list and used to make them for myself only to turn to Ben & Jerry’s in the end because as a parent I failed at half of them. Now I’m just grateful that half get done and that I’m still standing at the end of the day. Hope you find that list 🙂 and way to on those covers. MUY nice 🙂

    • TBM says:

      The store down the street had a sale of Ben & Jerry’s and oh boy did I stock up. The Better Half kept asking why we needed so much. The list!

      Still standing at the end of the day. That’s a pretty good sign 🙂

  19. ethornberg says:


    I purchased Marionette. It will be the sixth of your books I’ve read. It’s high on my list of books to read. Good luck with the massive amount of things you have to do!


  20. I love the new covers.

    I make lists all the time. Sometimes I fall behind by a few days and then I’m busy on the weekends crossing things off.

  21. Those new covers are beautiful. 🙂

  22. Sage says:

    I’ve been needing to work on organization skills for years now… And I’m wondering which coffee shop did you hang out in? http://www.sagecoveredhills.blogspot.com

  23. Denise Covey says:

    Firstly, those new covers are beyond awesome. Wow. And it’s so hard to be organised these days. I’m sure we’re creating Twitter Brains with the way we hop between social media constantly, living our lives in little bites. Still, I salute your progress! Books published! Can’t be too much wrong with your organisation!

    Have a great month!

    Denise 🙂

  24. Sherry Ellis says:

    Those are terrific covers!

  25. I think it gets harder to be organized the busier we are! But remember those paper-based organizers? I was SO much more organized with those. I can put things on my iPhone calendar or download the best list app in the world and I just won’t use it, but I was all over my Day Planner back in the day!


  26. Those covers are GORGEOUS!

    I know EXACTLY where that list has gone to. A place called Wayward List Island. It lies adjacent to Lost Sock Island, which is the place all missing socks go to… 😀

  27. oooh I LOVE the covers!! and list? HAHA what’s a list??

  28. Nick Wilford says:

    Fantastic covers! They are all intriguing in their own way. I definitely need to do better with lists too, but at least you are getting quite a lot done!

  29. Kourtney Heintz says:

    Fantastic new covers. The first one really caught my eye. Love the blood spatter. 🙂 Making headway is important. I rarely get everything done on my to do list. Luckily tomorrow is there to help. Eventually it gets done. 🙂

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