Insecure Writer’s Support Group

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is the brilliant idea of Alex J. Cavanaugh.



The purpose of the group is to share doubts and insecurities and to encourage one another. Please visit the other participants and share your support. Sometimes all it takes is one kind word to boost someone’s confidence.

I have been standing on the sidelines for a long time with this group. Many of my blogging friends post each month and I enjoy reading about their insecurities. And to be honest, I can relate to almost every post.


TB MarkinsonThis month I’ve decided to take the plunge and join in and share my own insecurity. Besides being shy about joining this group, today I would like to share my latest insecurity. Tomorrow I’m launching a sale of my novel, A Woman Lost. The thoughts whirling in my head are: “Will it sale?” “Will I garner more reviews?” “Will the people who buy it really want to read it?” “Will they like it?”

Of course, these are all the same thoughts I had when I first released the novel. It’s amazing how I keep torturing myself with the same fears. Luckily I’ll be in the midst of a move during the sale so I’ll be too busy to check numbers every hour or so. I didn’t plan the sale to coincide with moving to a new flat, but life sometimes changes our plans for us. At least I’ll be so busy I won’t torture myself the entire time with my fears.

Before I go I would like to thank many of the members of IWSG who have encouraged me to join the group. I’ve found many of the members to be wonderful and supportive. Thanks for welcoming me.

About TBM

TB Markinson is an American who's recently returned to the US after a seven-year stint in the UK and Ireland. When she isn't writing, she's traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in New England, or reading. Not necessarily in that order. Her novels have hit Amazon bestseller lists for lesbian fiction and lesbian romance. She cohosts the Lesbians Who Write Podcast ( with Clare Lydon. TB also runs I Heart Lesfic (, a place for authors and fans of lesfic to come together to celebrate lesbian fiction.
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87 Responses to Insecure Writer’s Support Group

  1. *almost considers offering you a slice of pie*

    Just remember my mottos; If everybody likes your book, then you’ve done something wrong. Also, relationships are never over until I or the restraining order says so.

    Just pick which ever you feel fits the situation best.

  2. I hope everything goes well with it. I really enjoyed reading the novel and am sure readers will connect with it.

  3. Sherri says:

    Thanks for sharing the link TB and I wish you every success with your book sale…nerve-wracking though it is! Also hope the move goes well. You certainly have your hands full! Thinking of you.. 😀

  4. I think the best authors are the ones who do have doubts and fears :). Good luck with the big move my friend!

  5. Beth Ann says:

    You go!!! You are going to rock this and I am so glad you found this fabulous group of supporters. It sounds like a great group to belong to!

  6. Beverly says:

    Congratulations on your book and the great article. Best of luck with your sales and your move.

  7. Lol, we wrote almost exactly the same post! No advice, as I’m in need myself, but I feel better that I’m not alone 🙂 Good luck with your release.

    • TBM says:

      I had a chuckle when I read your post. Oh that feeling never goes away, does it? But it is nice to know we aren’t alone. Best of luck to you!

  8. What a genius idea! Thanks for sharing the link. Congratulations on your book…wishing you BIG sales!

    • TBM says:

      Thanks Jill. I think you would like the group. I really liked your idea for your summer blog project. I tried to comment to say so but I’m assuming the response was huge and had to rein it in some. That’s good! Looking forward to all the introductions this summer.

      • I’ll certainly check out the group. Yes, the response was bigger than I anticipated, I’ve got people lined up through Sept. I really only wanted to do it for the summer, but I didn’t want to turn anyone away. There are some people, like yourself who missed my cut off and they emailed me to ask if they could participate. I’ll tell you what I’ve told them, if you’d like, I can email you the questions and instructions and I can use your post as an alternate (if someone on the schedule fails to send me their post in time) or, I can schedule you at the end which would be sometime in October. If you’re interested, email me at my address mentioned in the post. Thanks!

      • TBM says:

        I wish I could participate, but my summer is so packed I would hate to disappoint you by missing a deadline. I’m trying to focus on finalizing a few projects I have in the works so I can start two new ones that are keeping me up late at night.

        That’s great for you that so many people signed up. I can’t wait for the series to start!

      • TBM says:

        And best of luck to you!

      • Thanks! I’m starting to stress a little because the first person up hasn’t sent me her post for Friday. Yikes!

      • TBM says:

        Oh no! Do you have a back-up person lined up? I hope so for your sake.

      • Ha ha! I’ve got a back up that I wrote…just in case. 🙂

      • TBM says:

        I should have known. You’re super organized.

      • Lol…not always, I’m afraid. 🙂

      • TBM says:

        No one’s perfect. That would be boring.

  9. Miranda Hardy says:

    Glad you decided to join this awesome group, too. Good luck with the sale of your book. I hope it goes well.

    • TBM says:

      It’s funny, I’ve been blogging for a few years now, but I was very shy about joining. Not sure why, since everyone is so nice. Thanks!

  10. cheriereich says:

    Good luck with the sale as well as the move! And it’s a good thing the move is during the same time of the sale. It’s better not to check how the book is selling every hour.

    • TBM says:

      I know a lot of us say we won’t check the numbers, but it’s so tempting when I’m on the computer. Thanks so much. Hope Reborn is doing well.

  11. diana wilder says:

    Looking at that book’s reviews (I always read the bad ones first, then the 3 star, THEN the high-starred ones) I think you’ll garner some nice interest during the sale. Good luck!

    And thanks for a post that expressed a few of my own concerns nicely. …except that I am not moving, thank GOODNESS! Good luck!

    Diana at About Myself By Myself

    • TBM says:

      Thanks Diana! I hope you’re right 🙂

      And the moving part isn’t much fun, but it is keeping me busy and I’m finding muscles I haven’t used in a while.

  12. So glad you decided to join the group! Good luck with your sale – I think it will be a big success. 🙂

  13. LG Smith says:

    Yes, what a great time to join the IWSG. Anything to do with releasing a story or offering it up for sale is anxiety inducing. Best of luck!

  14. I’m happy you joined. It is a great group of writers who have all run the gambit of insecurities. Your in good company. Why do we torture ourselves so much. Even when we have a track record of surviving. It’s the million dollar questions. Good luck with your sale.

    • TBM says:

      I wish I knew why we spent countless hours biting our nails, wondering about all the what ifs. So frustrating. We must love writing to torture ourselves so. Thanks!

  15. Welcome to the IWSG! I hope the sale of your book goes well, as well as the moving process. As writers, we torture ourselves endlessly with worry. In spite of all that, I keep writing because I cannot envision a life without writing.

  16. ahtdoucette says:

    I’m new to the group too, so am just getting my feet wet, but really glad you decided to come around and post! That’s a smart move, having a book promotion right around your big move. (If it was on purpose, if not then it’s definitely kismet.) Good luck with sales/reviews and with the move!

  17. cleemckenzie says:

    Your book is on my list. Glad you joined the group, we need members like you.

  18. Welcome to the IWSG!!
    Congratulations on your upcoming release. It never gets easier, does it?

  19. Good luck with the sale and the move!

  20. So much on your plate at the same time. Moving is no picnic but maybe it’s good you’ll be otherwise occupied and not worry about your book launch. I’m sure it will be H.o.t. I see you have a new cover for Marionette. Wonderful.

  21. Nick Wilford says:

    I hope it goes really well. I think it’s a good to distract ourselves with other things to stop us checking figures! Obviously, we can’t move house all the time, but there’s usually something going on. Welcome to the IWSG, and it’s nice to meet you!

    • TBM says:

      I wouldn’t want to move house all the time. Moving is no fun. Once we get settled it’s fun to explore a new neighborhood, but the actual process is so annoying.

  22. emaginette says:

    I’m releasing a short tomorrow and feel pretty shell shocked. I actually can’t imagine releasing a book. One piece of advice was just passed on to me. You worked hard to get here; enjoy it.

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  23. kimlajevardi says:

    Congrats on the release and the new flat! Being busy enough that you can’t stalk about online wringing your hands is probably a good thing. Welcome to the monthly posts. 🙂

  24. Good luck! You’re an amazing writer and I’m cheering you on. 🙂

  25. I’m so glad you decided to join us. We’re all so different, yet, we’re so similar it’s scary. I thought I’d never make it thru the first book, and then the second came along and it felt as if I’d be punched in the stomach. I’m also a whole lot less energetic than I was for the first. The 3rd, it’s almost pathetic. Thank God for Alex and IWSG!

  26. You are up on my site! Good luck!

  27. yvettecarol says:

    Good luck for tomorrow’s launch!

  28. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuude this group sounds awesome. I’m definitely gonna check it out. I think every writer I know is a little insecure. I mean we’re all badasses, but we all have our moments. So far my support group has been the WP community, but now that I know you have a site I’m about to become a member 🙂

    And Congrats on the sale and hope it goes well 🙂

  29. Best of luck with the release and I am sure you will come to be pleased you joined this group. You are embraced by the care of so many lovely people who encourage and inspire others every month, making the experience one to look forward to.

    • TBM says:

      Thank you for the encouraging comment. I’m excited to be part of this group and to meet so many wonderful people. Have a wonderful weekend.

  30. Congratulations on the release of your book! And glad you have joined the group. Like you said, I can also relate to almost all the posts I read on the IWSG. It’s a great group. Best of luck with your book!

    • TBM says:

      It’s amazing how many of us experience the same fears and it’s nice to suffer with others and lean on others when we need it.

  31. I so enjoyed this novel. Good luck with your sale, T.B.M. The IWSG sounds like a great idea. 🙂

  32. Stephanie Scott says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m still catching up from vacation. The fears and self doubt are so tough. I think with any form of art that you put out, that fear is there. It’s a part of you that is now exposed, and people can be cruel. Thankfully, I think the cruel stuff is the exception. The IWSG clan seems to be incredibly supportive. I’ve watched it from the sidelines for awhile too and only joined in this year.

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