Review of Everybody Else’s Girl by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett

In February Sarah Sawyers-Lovett popped by to share a bit about her book, Everybody Else’s Girl.  Click here in case you missed it. Today I’m reviewing her novel. This book is not an easy read, yet it’s an important read.


Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads:

Set in Tazewell, Virginia, a town whose wholesome storefronts and country charm hide an undercurrent of poverty and lawlessness, Everybody Else’s Girl tells the story of growing up poor amid unspeakable violence. Broken-down trailer parks and gritty classrooms provide the background for this story of a girl searching for her voice.

Writing a book is a monumental achievement and I always applaud anyone who is able to accomplish this goal. Writing a memoir about sexual abuse, violence, and addiction can’t be an easy project to work on. Yet it’s important for people to share their stories, not just for themselves but for others who might be going through a similar situation. Maybe someone who reads this book will realize they aren’t alone. No two situations are identical but not feeling alone can encourage people to seek help. To talk to a friend. A therapist or anyone.

I applaud Sarah Sawyers-Lovett’s bravery. Her memoir isn’t a light read. And as weird as this sounds, it’s a good book. It’s hard to reconcile liking a book about abuse. Her writing is honest and she takes you there. Right into her past. Some of the events aren’t sugar-coated. That doesn’t mean every word will make the reader cringe. The author takes care not to over-do things. She’s not writing to gain sympathy. Nor is she writing to justify her actions in life. She’s just sharing her story and telling it like it was. In addition, she talks about the things that helped her deal with her past and how she was able to overcome her dysfunctional lifestyle.

Everybody Else’s Girl is a powerful memoir and I applaud the author for sharing her story. It couldn’t have been easy, but it’s an important work to share with others.

Please note: This book deals with heavy subject matter, such as addiction, sexual abuse, and violence. Please read with care.

About the author:


Sarah Sawyers-Lovett was born in Tazewell, Virginia. She isn’t offended if you haven’t heard of it. Everybody Else’s Girl is Sarah’s first long-form memoir. She lives in Philadelphia with her wife and their hedgehog, where she makes balloon animals for money. Sarah enjoys pickles, punks and coffee. She writes zines and blogs and you can find more of her work at


Amazon                             Sweet Candy Press                          Author’s Goodreads  

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15 Responses to Review of Everybody Else’s Girl by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett

  1. cleemckenzie says:

    I love good memoir. This one might have been tough to write, but I’ll bet it came to the page as a way to bring those early days to a close.

    • TBM says:

      I’ve often wondered how people can pen their memoirs and relive the moments that hurt us the most. But I think you’re right and it helps a person heal.

  2. Kourtney Heintz says:

    Sounds like a terrific read. I love the cover! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the review! I remember that cover. Kudos to Sarah for having the courage to write this memoir.

  4. Wow, this sounds like a powerful book, MJ. Thanks so much for the review. I try to get my hands on a many memoirs as I can. I look forward to reading this one!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  5. This sounds intense. I don’t read many memoirs, but this has caught my interest.

  6. I agree, it sounds like a good read. Intriguing and intense. I’m going to add it to my list.

  7. sf says:

    What a perfect book cover it has.

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